April 27, 2010

Welcome to SCEU's Blog!

SCEU Formation:

Virtually from scratch and from total ignorance on Trade Unionism, SCEU past leaders bid a preliminary start to form a Union in 1957 to cater and establish an economic and social interest for commercial employees. But for 5 years ending 1962, SCEU forefront was rather dormant with no other activities apart from organizing annual dinners.

But soon, they realized that SCEU should be a Union as a solid platform to fight for and to protect the rights of all it members. To consolidate strength, they had to recruit members statewide. Upon successful recruitment, they were ready for action as and when it needed be.

From then on, they often faced capricious challenges and they took them all in their stride regardless of the adverse consequences they would have to endure!

SCEU Building:

Frustrated of shifting from one place to another, past readers set plan to purchase units of building to establish a solid base for all members.

With incomes from “Tombola” (snow ball money game) and bank loans, they managed to purchase 3 units to house SCEU HQ and KK Branch, 1 unit in Sandakan at Bandar Ramai Ramai and 1 unit in Tawau at Fajar Complex.

SCEU Trade Union Education & Representation

Past and present leaders placed great emphasis on Trade Union knowledge and skills to mann SCEU. They attended various training courses and seminars whenever opportunities arose both locally and abroad.

Besides courses offered from affiliates, they also organize and conduct courses in accordance with grassroot and aspiring members’ needs to ensure the continuation of leadership and SCEU existence.

Training members to become competent leaders is on-going to achieve self-reliance of representing all members in Collective Bargaining and legal undertakings.

SCEU Leaders: The Ultimate Challenger & Survivor

Since its inception, SCEU leaderships has undergone many breeds, from plain ignorance to the present competency to face all challenges from within, outside and ahead.

The path they travel can never always be smooth. Their sacrifices and voluntary services have not always been appreciated. They have to conciliate all the genuine members and to confute those ‘yellow’ and subversive members within. Bravo! They survive!

Whatever it is………life is a game and it is full of challenges. Here today, gone tomorrow and life goes on. Moving forward with SCEU!